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Tree Care

A Big Thanks to Faith, a Colorado Certified Nursery Professional at Today’s Nursery in Parker, Colorado for your expertise on this Tree Care Page.


Things to think about when selecting a tree:

  • Does the tree need full or partial sun?

  • How big will the tree get?

  • Keep tree’s away from the foundation, driveways, & neighbor’s property lines of your house.

  • If deer and rabbits are in the area, it is recommended to select tree's & bushes that are not the primary food source.  Do a web search to deer and or rabbit resistant trees for list.

  • Call 811 to assure you are not planting your tree on top or around underground wires 


What is the best time to plant a tree?

  • Spring is the best time to plant, although here in Colorado we plant most of the year as long as the ground is not frozen.  Planting in spring allows the tree a few months to establish itself after planting.  Fall is also fine for deciduous trees, but for evergreens can be a bit more risky.  Mulching 3-4” and making sure winter watering is done correctly and at least once per month when temperatures get above 40 degrees, with no snow cover will minimize the risk of planting conifers.


What is the best time to feed and how often?

  • Fertilizing fruit trees and crabapples should be done in late winter or early spring prior to bud break, mainly with a higher nitrogen fertilizer. A zinc foliar spray could be necessary in newly graded developments, if bud production is minimal.  A soil test can tell if this is necessary.

  • Woody shrubs and trees should be fertilized before July or after the leaves have fallen in fall.  A deep root feeder is the most effective for larger trees and shrubs with a complete fertilizer.

  • Newly planted trees and shrubs should only be fed a root stimulator for the first 2 years, in order to promote a strong root system before encouraging top growth with a complete fertilizer.

When is the best time to trim your trees?

  • The best time to prune trees is when they are young and first planted.  If this is done properly, they need minimal planting when they are mature.

  • Conifers should be pruned in late winter or early spring.  Do not prune during the growing season where bark can be more easily damaged.

  • Deciduous trees should be pruned after planted 2-5 yrs. To encourage a well branched canopy. Lower branches can be removed to raise canopy.

  • Do not top any larger trees or remove more than 1/3 or the total crown at one time. 

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